Pembroke Youth Baseball and Softball is dedicated to the principle of providing the opportunity for all children of Pembroke to play baseball in a competitive, fair, and safe atmosphere.


All players are expected to show respect to players, coaches and umpires, both on and off the field. Players are not to engage in any arguments with the players, coaches or umpires during a game. Players shall respect all equipment and abuse of any equipment will not be tolerated. Players will be held responsible for any equipment damages due to abuse.

Any player ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct, including foul language, fighting or abuse of equipment will be suspended for a minimum of one game. The player will not be allowed to return to play until he and his parents appear before the Executive Board to review the incident and determine if additional action is to be taken.



Parents are the ultimate role models for their children and are expected to support the principles of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Parents are to ensure that their child arrives on time and ready to play for all practices and games. Parents are expected to be supportive of the players and not to engage in argumentative behavior with players, coaches, or umpires.

If you or your child has questions or concerns, please bring them to the attention of the coach. If you are not satisfied or need additional guidance, please seek out your league Director or the Director of Baseball/Softball Operations.

Parents are requested not to smoke near the fields or near the players. Coaches reserve the right to ask you not to smoke near the bench area or players. If you do not comply with this request the coach may request intervention by the League Director or Director of Baseball/Softball Operations.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden at all games and practices. This is a town ordinance, and it will be strictly enforced. Violations of this policy will result in actions taken by the Board of Directors.

If a parent is ejected from the field by an umpire or coach, that parent shall appear before the Executive Board prior to being allowed to return to the field. If a parent’s actions are not consistent with the goals of promoting good sportsmanship and fair play, should be brought to the attention of the Board for disciplinary action.


Coaches are role models and leaders for their teams. Your actions and conduct have a major impact on how your players behave.

All coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Coaches are expected to control their players and fans and work with the umpires to defuse potential disagreements.

Coaches are not to engage in heated arguments with umpires, other coaches or players. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches are not permitted to smoke on or near the field. This includes practices as well as games. You are setting an example for your players. Abuse of this rule will result in disciplinary action from the League.

Any coach ejected from a game will be suspended for an additional game by the League. Before the coach can return to his team he must appear before the Board of Directors to determine if additional action is required.

Coaches are prohibited from the use of tobacco to include but not limited to smoking/vaping or chewing while in an official coaching capacity.

Coaches Zero Tolerance Policy

1. Coaches may not raise their voices to the umpires, opposing coaches or players (other than in an instructional manner for players)

2. Coaches may not question umpire judgment calls – balls, strikes, safe or out. The umpire strike zone should be established before the game when discussing the ground rules.

3. If there is a question on a rule, the head coach or acting head coach will ask for a time out, approach the umpire and discuss the interpretation of the rule in a civil manner.

4. If an incident does occur where a coach does not abide by the above rules, the umpires and all witness accounts of the incident will be heard by the Executive Board.

5. If the coach is found guilty of not abiding by the zero-tolerance policy, the following punishment will be administered:

1st Offense – One (1) game suspension (the coach may not attend the game even as a spectator). If the Board determines a 1st offense incident to be of the extreme nature, they may issue the 2nd Offense punishment.

2nd Offense ‐ Remainder of the season suspension (the coach may attend the games as a spectator but may not approach the dugout or attempt to instruct any players at any time during the game)


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