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Pembroke Youth Baseball offers its players (8 and above) the opportunity to continue their development by participating in semi-competitive, regional games throughout the summer.  Our program offers eligible players the chance to represent Pembroke on either a Friendship (8s only), Suburban League or South River League team in both divisional and tournament play against other area teams.  Suburban League teams will also participate in the Cal Ripken tournament where successful teams can compete at a regional level.

Player/Parent Commitment
Games are typically played either during weekday nights or a weekend morning with 1 or 2 local tournaments held over a weekend.  Friendship League games are played only during the week.  Each team has the discretion to practice as much or as little as they so choose but the normal practice schedule is 2x per week.  Total commitment is on average 4 or 5 days per week.  Games begin at 6pm with home games held at the Mattakeesett Street fields and away games played on fields from as far south as Plymouth and as far north as Quincy.  

What does it mean to play PYB Summer Baseball?
Your son will receive high-level instruction play alongside other talented players who have the same desire to compete and willingness to learn the game of baseball. Those participating would share a unique opportunity to represent their town, build friendships and compete against similarly talented players from all over the South Shore.


We like to take a weeklong vacation each summer?
The season typically runs from the end of June to the beginning of August leaving most of August for family travel however given the commitment level each team requires it is understandable that family vacation can cause conflicts.  If conflicts do arise, these conflicts can certainly be managed but it is imperative that players selected for “A” teams be available for the Cal Ripken Tournament at the start of each summer season.

Will my son get equal playing time?
Equal playing time is given to all players during the Suburban, Friendship and South River summer schedule which all of our teams will participate.  For teams competing in the Cal Ripken Tournament (A Teams only), playing time is at the discretion of the coaching staff.  There is no minimum play rule so there is a chance that your child may not participate in a particular game or even throughout the tournament.

What are the costs?
The cost to play summer ball varies depending on the league in which your son/daughter will play under and the umpire requirement for each age group.  These fees can change from year to year but average between $145-$185.

What age group should my son tryout for?
Your son's or daughter's age as of April 30th 2019 will determine his appropriate age group.

Is my kid guaranteed a spot?
No.  Teams are limited to, at most, 15 players and the number of teams PYB fields at each division greatly depends on the number of kids attending our tryout(s) as well as the overall skill level of those who are evaluated.  This is not an instructional program and is intended to enrich those already possessing the necessary skills required to compete at this level.


Email PYB Registrar - if you have any further questions/concerns or need clarification on any of the above.